Zero to One Guide to Podcasting

Amad Mian
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Learn to distill and present your ideas through podcasts.

Leverage conversations to build your business and personal brand, not just talk.

The zero to one guide for simple, impactful podcasting

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to launch your first podcast, have a system in place for publishing on a regular schedule and a tested strategy to build your listenership. 

What is it?

The playbook to creating meaningful podcasts, teaching you how to build and grow your podcast and personal brand in a compelling way.

These are the principles that built my podcasts from an idea to a network topping the Apple charts around the world.

These are the principles behind the podcast consulting services we provide to startup companies.

This workshop starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to execute.

Who is it for?

Suitable to take you from zero to one in podcasting, or learn how to better articulate value as an already accomplished podcaster.

The Structure:

- Why start a podcast?

- How to extract value

- The Elements of Podcasting

- The Tools to start a Podcast

- Publishing Mindset & Tactics

- Social/Email Templates

What it'll teach you:

- How to communicate more clearly using podcasts 
- How to create consistently
- How to build a content brand
- How to increase your perceived value
- How to use podcasting to sell your product or service

No additional software required, all taught using free tools.

Whats included: 

Videos explaining concepts

Logo Design Templates 

Social Media Design Templates

Email Templates

What we will cover: 

- Facts and figures around podcasting.

- Benefits of podcasting, how it can help you achieve your business goals.

- Building mindset and how to ensure success. 

- Concept development, how to create podcasts you that enjoy recording and people enjoy consuming. 

-  Strategies for reaching out to guests in order to get guests that are bigger than you in social clout.

- How to make the guest feel comfortable, the key to podcasting.

- How to edit a podcast and get it to sound professional.

- How to upload a podcast and get it published on all platforms.

- Tutorial on naming and logo design

- How to market your podcast.

and much more. 

  • A Zero to One Guide to starting your very own podcast, made for beginners who want to learn how to get started.

  • Size
    10 MB
  • Length
    50 pages
  • A Zero to One Guide to starting your very own podcast, made for beginners who want to learn how to get started.
  • Size10 MB
  • Length50 pages
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Zero to One Guide to Podcasting

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